Greatest Dad In The Universe

I love my daughter. We have so much fun together. I think she is the greatest girl I could wish for and I am probably the greatest dad in the universe.
See for yourself ...

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Martial arts training, lesson #2 : don't lose your footing.

Martial arts training, lesson #1 : always keep your guard up.

How many toddlers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Hopefully just one.

Do a backflip!

What do you mean, not enough balls?

No, the heart, Eluna! THE HEART!

I know you can't read, but just follow the pictures in the book. It'll be fine.


Now just gotta finish wrapping these last two presents and we're all done.

Hmm, this book says that all Fungi are edible. Some only once apparently.

And lastly we summon Cthulhu, to lead our armies.

Luckily, dad left the toilet seat down.

Someone's happy with her new bike.

Oh great! Now I'm gonna have to give her mine.

At least one of us is taking the gym seriously.

Dammit, Eluna! How am I supposed to work out now without a mirror?

Keep up, Eluna.

If I choose you over sleep, you must be pretty special to me.

Careful, Eluna, the floor is lava!

You know what they say : the hazelnut doesn't fall far from the tree.