Greatest Dad In The Universe

I love my daughter. We have so much fun together. I think she is the greatest girl I could wish for and I am probably the greatest dad in the universe.
See for yourself ...

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I said kill master, not grill master!

Eluna's ninja training finally started. Deflecting shuriken. She did very well on her first try! Proud dad. <3

Martial arts training, lesson #3 : there's no such thing as a fair fight.

Martial arts training, lesson #2 : don't lose your footing.

Martial arts training, lesson #1 : always keep your guard up.

At least one of us is taking the gym seriously.

Dammit, Eluna! How am I supposed to work out now without a mirror?

Keep up, Eluna.

And after this, we can have a nice, refreshing ice cream to cool off!

What hurts today makes you stronger tomorrow.

First time at the pool with dad. Sink or swim!