Greatest Dad In The Universe

I love my daughter. We have so much fun together. I think she is the greatest girl I could wish for and I am probably the greatest dad in the universe.
See for yourself ...

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Make sure to close the bag after catching it, Eluna!

There's your problem, papa. Your blinker fluid is low and you need some elbow grease.

Eluna mowing the lawn.

This Valentine's Day dinner sucks. Over three years for a reservation, service takes forever and I'm not quite sure the food's edible. At least the chef's pretty cute.

Say hello to the Plow King. Don't worry, Eluna. There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

Working hard and hardly working.

How many toddlers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Hopefully just one.

Wake me up when dinner's ready!

Mommy will be so surprised that I sharpened her knives for Mother's Day.

Hey Eluna, where's my hammer?

It's so nice when they can start helping out around the house.