Yeti! Set! Go! (2013)

One of our biggest projects at Triangle Factory.

Yeti! Set! Go! is a physics based snowboarding game for phones and tablets. Gameplay-wise, you could compare it to Trials mixed with Sonic. You control your yeti's position on the board, and the physics simulation takes care of the rest. The gameplay challenge is to make smooth landings while doing flips and grinds to complete the levels, and be quick enough to get through the tricky parts in each level. If you fall, there are ragdoll physics that take over the yeti, making falling more fun than it should be. The unique feature of this game, is that you can rewind time to go back to any point in time to recover from falling!

The game features a story mode consisting of 30 levels, a free ride mode and a challenge mode that lets you engage in a multitude of challenges with your Facebook friends. There are achievements and missions that you can complete for extra rewards. There's also an in-game store where you can buy extra equipment, customize your yeti and buy special items.

Our entire team worked hard on this project. Some people full time, others (like myself) worked on and off on Yeti! Set! Go! and other projects. Timothy Vanherberghen was our project lead and made sure everyone kept the same vision and goals for this project. Sobraj Van Zeebroeck was our main programmer; he wrote almost the entire gameplay code, the database backend, did the Facebook integration and the in-app purchases. Jeroen Dessaux took care of the overall design and made most of the graphics for the levels. Kenny Deriemaeker took care of the user interface and Michiel Willaeys did most of the level design. My contributions are mostly through our in-house library. Things like our user interface framework, server and database communication modules, audio module etc where heavily expanded and improved upon for this game. I also wrote the missions system.


Gameplay Trailer


This is my biggest mobile project to date and I'm very proud of how far this game has come since the first prototype we made years before. It's fun, graphically very neat looking and the rewind feature is really fun.