Joris Ijs (2019)

Joris Ijs is a local ice cream company. They contacted me asking to find a solution for the problems they often encountered with event bookings. We agreed to create a new website and digitize their entire workflow as part of it.

I worked on this project in my spare time for a couple of months. This was my first big ASP.NET Core project and the first time using EF Core and Azure for a production project, so of course I learned quite a lot while working on this.

New Website

First of all I created a new website seeing as their old website was almost two decades old. This included support for localization, an authentication system so that people can create accounts, and an entire administration part where admins from the company can manage the website.

Event System

Part of the core business of Joris Ijs is to let people (individuals, businesses, schools, ...) book an ice cream truck for various events. In the past people had to phone them to book such an event and everything was managed through excel, often resulting in errors and miscommunication when details of an event changed. They wanted a solution for this. I proposed to automate all of this using the new website.

A customer can now create an account (not mandatory) and request an ice cream truck for an event. An admin gets a notification email containing a link that opens the event request in the admin part of the website and can then decide to approve or deny the request. After approval, the admin can also decide which employee(s) to assign to the event and how long they have to remain at the event. Everything can be edited and both the client as well as the admin get notifications whenever the state of the event is changed by the other party. Employees get text message reminders the day before an event they are assigned to with all the details they need.


Less visible to the outside world, but not less important, I also set up a full automated build and release pipeline using Azure Devops. Whenever I check-in code, a build is run, tests are run and if successful, everything is pushed to a test environment where the client and myself can test everything before it goes to production.

Everything runs in Azure, both the website and the database as well as the service that sends out the daily text message reminders.