BrightFrog Holiday (2012)

We made this application at Triangle Factory for mobile iOS devices for one of our clients. They had a few rough ideas of where to go with this app and we helped them to finetune those ideas and turn it into a fun mobile application. It's mostly targeted at a younger audience, but I'm sure most adults would also get a few laughs out of this.

The app lets you control the appearance and animations of a 'haggis' creature. You can decide which clothes it wears, what face it makes, what dance it performs, which music plays and what the background looks like. Then you can record that dance and play it back later and show it to your friends.

This application was again a group effort. Jeroen Dessaux and Michiel Willaeys created the 3D assets. Kenny Deriemaeker did all of the xcode development, the rendering of the recorded movies and uploading to social platforms. I coded most of the actual application; things like the representation of the items, the store, the animation and dance lists, equipping items etc.